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Service Offerings

I.  Executive Coaching:

A customized outcome-based approach to coach the executive to be at his or her best. The six to twelve month process includes identifying leader and company goals, assessing the leader’s behaviors,  conducting a feedback process at the client’s behest, and determining how to maximize relationships in order to be and be recognized as the leader he or she strives to be.

II.  New Leader Assimilation:

To assist a new leader to meet goals and acclimate in an accelerated fashion when the job changes, company changes, team changes, or boss changes. An investment in coaching is well timed as a leader strives to find and create strong leadership direction while working through a changing business and stakeholder environment.

III.  Team Coaching:

A strategy for a team to assess its development and align team goals and behaviors with the business strategy. The focus is on assessment and skill development.  It is a good way to reinforce strategic competencies and benchmark results over a period of time. Sessions can be one-time but are often staged semi-annually or quarterly based on team strategy and needs.

IV.  Partner Coaching:

A unique coaching approach to law- or service- firm partners assisting them with client goals, colleague engagement, and collaboration toward their individual and firm outcomes.

V.  Facilitation:

Meeting facilitation for strategic discussions or team development is available for clients/client companies. Skills used are modeled after moderator training acquired and civic work completed with the Penn Project for Civic Engagement and WHYY.

VI.  Coach’s Inn:

Coach’s Inn is an innovative approach to providing best-in-class executive coaching services to a group or team of employees in a cost-effective way. By scheduling a block of time for the coach to “be in” and available to focus one-on-one on specific skills for success, it allows a tailored economical approach to custom coaching more employees for success. It is often initiated as a professional objective de-brief of a 360 tool and provides a great resource to assist with an action plan.