Today’s executives have more challenges than ever. Competitors are global; technology has flattened the playing field and forced even the leanest companies to search for efficiencies constantly. In this churning environment, the difference between success and failure is measured not in talking about strategy, leadership and culture, but in effectively developing executives who can implement strategies, cultivate a followership and strengthen a corporate culture.

Ellen uses her extensive business background, human-resources expertise, coaching-specific education, alliances and customer-orientation skills in service to her clients. She helps executives find their best strategies for enhancing their individual leadership skills, their teams, their alliances, and their overall satisfaction.

The International Coaching Federation has designated Ellen as a Professionally Certified Coach, a distinction requiring intensive coaching training, certification by Master Coaches, extensive paid and certified client hours, and continuous education to maintain the certification. Her client list speaks to her extensive experience with “C” level executives down to director level, across all industries and functions.